How I can help you?

General business advice
Perhaps you would like an objective view of where your business is going, from the outside looking in. Or you have a specific problem or project that you would like assistance with.

Non-Executive Director
Providing strategic advice and mentoring as a non-executive director on your company board.

Revenue and cost analysis
Honest review of your revenue and associated costs, not only from a financial point of view, but operationally, with the accent on improving profitability by better use of existing resources and improving revenues.

Vehicle procurement and disposal
Advice and practical assistance in vehicle procurement and sales, based on over 37 years' experience of buying and selling.

Tender preparation and presentation
Experienced and importantly, successful in tendering for contracts both in the public and private sector. I can assist with presentation of bids and the preparation, with emphasis on your company's unique selling points.

Employee relations and welfare
My company had an enviable reputation for its staff, with the benefits of retention and stability, only possible with a happy workforce. The envy of many other companies, especially in the transport sector,I can share the secrets of retaining and developing your staff to ensure they are your greatest asset, even though not shown on your balance sheet.

Company acquisition and sale
Looking to sell after a lifetime of work or to expand your business? Through my contacts and having experience of having sold my business and acquiring others on behalf of a multi-national group, I can help you through what can often be a stressful time.

Marketing and public relations
How effective is your marketing and which part works the best? Do you present your company ensuring it is at the forefront of your industry and the default choice for potential clients? Let me give you an outsider's view and help develop your marketing and PR strategy.

Engineering and technology
Road passenger transport is heavily reliant on its engineering teams, especially as we move into a new era of alternative energy sources.
Often one of the highest costs, my hands on experience of engineering from the grass roots level and in management, allows me a unique insight into how to be cost effective and operate to a high standard.

Legal compliance
With increasing legislation, it can be difficult to keep up to date and avoid running foul of the law, even if not intentional.
From data protection to modern slavery, the need to keep up to date with legislation is more important than ever. I can assist with an overview of your set up and with updating and production of policy, to ensure you are always ahead of the legislative world we live in.

Planning and facilities management
As a qualified Carpenter and Joiner and in later years having designed and built facilities for bus and coach operations, I can provide advice and assistance if you are planning changes or a new project. Learn from my experience (and mistakes), it could save you a lot of money.

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